Where to buy a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis


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I wanted to buy a new plant for my cage, because it seems like the ficus tree is irritating my 3 month old Nosy Be's eyes. I was wondering where a good place to buy a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis online or in southern california is. Thanks in advance.
Did you ever find any? I found out that it's out of season. Needs to be warmer days, and I will be able to get it at Home Depot.
I wasn't too sure where to find it either, so I just bought some seeds from the department store and Im growing one myself, it seems to be growing very nicely.
They are also "in-season" year-round in S.Fl... I bought some there one Christmas while visiting family. Only one is still alive tho. Apparently, Hibiscus don't like to be frozen =P
I just wanted to say that the hibiscus I planted is growing rapidly every single day, and doing wonderful... I can't believe that I planted it from seeds :)
How wonderful the hibiscus seeds are growing so well. When I went to Home Depot to buy a plant, they told me it was not warm enough and to try later. Hm?
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