Where is the best place to buy hornworms?


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I want to pamper my female veiled this holiday season, and they do not sell hornworms anywhere near me. I know that they are sold online, so I was wondering what is the best quality and most trustworthy site? I have looked at some sites, I just don't know which one is the best. Thanks


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Depends on where you're located. Take a look at one of our members or sponsors on the food page. If on the west coast, try rainbow mealworms. All should guarantee live arrivals with post office pick up and replacement if not.


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Josh's Frogs has been pretty good. Usually have a deal going and large selection of feeders and supplies They ship with heat packets. Had a few problems but they have taken care of me. They offer an option for a higher price with shipping included if you only ant to try a single species of feeder, but if you plan on ordering a few items definitely just pay the shipping it works out to a lot less.
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