Where can I purchase Bee Pollen powder & how often should I dust with it?


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So I’m very interested in adding bee pollen powder to my feeding routine! I checked out Amazon but thought it would be better to ask the experts where I should buy & what brand?? I am also wondering how often I should add it to my weekly dusting schedule? I have heard mixed things! I have a male 5 month old Nosy Faly Panther that eats a few bugs everyday in the morning. I feed him silk worms BSFL crickets Dubai’s & for treats: supers & wax worms. Just introduced small horn worms. I dust them mainly with calcium without D3 everyday (I have a T5 HO 22” 0.5) but once a week I do dust with D3. I also dust with a multivitamin once every 2 weeks. Not sure if this stuff is relevant but can’t hurt. Thanks ahead of time for your help!


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I do not suggest dusting feeders... I am about 95% sure this is why my boy has been dealing with edema. Once I removed all excess Bee pollen the edema subsided. You can overdo it with bee pollen just like anything else. Too much of a good thing does not make it better. Most will put a teaspoon into their gutload depending on the amount of gutload being made.
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