Where can I get a Hibiscus


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Where can I get a Hibiscus plant or plants that are potted in fresh dirt ? I called a few plant shops by my house and they all have pesticides on them or are planted with chemicals to help them grow ?!?!?!?!?!


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You can always repot the plant when you get it home. There are organic soils available that do not have fertilizers or perlite in them. Take the plant out of its pot, wash as much of the soil out as possible, and repot with clean soil. At the same time wash the leaves and stems of the plant to get any yuckiness off. It is good to then put large stones over the soil so the chameleon doesn't accidentally eat soil while hunting stray prey items. I recently found some really nice organic potting mix that was labeled with the miracle gro brand.


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just wash the plant in soapy water and rinse it real well. You can invert the plant upside in a large bucket and let it soak for about 1o minutes.


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hehe yes the leaves do technically soak up the chemicals but thats kinda the point...they are in the plant helping it grow and not in teh dirt anymore.

the point is to make sure there are no pesticides ON the plant or in the dirt. So as others have said, repot with organic fertilizer and wash the plant and ur good
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