Where can I buy water crystals cheap?


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Hi there, I am starting a Dubia COlony and I'm wondering where I can get the water crystals for cheap. I hope to find somewhere I can get them without having them shipped and paying shipping fees. Someone told me he thinks I can get them at Lowes?
I don't know lol. I bought mine on EBay like 3 years ago, got enough to make like 50ish gallons for like $30 after shipping. Sadly I am almost out and need to buy more soon :(
Go to Lowes indoor plant section they have a bag for $12 that makes a whole bunch at least 10 to 30 gallons worth.:D
i dont know, but i know at petco you can buy waterpillows, they come with six pillows that you soak in water then put in with yr insects. they are for crickets but im sure they will work for dubia
The Agrosok root watering crystals that Lowes carries seems to be a smaller “curd” size than some of the others when fully hydrated. Like the size of a lentil bean versus the ones I’ve seen that were a lot chunkier. They are the same thing, does the same thing, but just a heads up on the size, I guess if that matters good or bad.
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