Where are all the Johnstonii?

I know its a long waiting for all of us but we still waiting for the moment the cites commission gives us all paperwork.
WC can not longer go out and only a very small quota cb can go out but before that the farm need to go true a commission who controls all the breeding stock,parents f1 ect ect...
This is taking already 5 months,we have weekly contact with them last week they told us the got the last piece of information they needed.
One of the reason it takes so long is that Uganda is very poor half of the time computers and other electronics don't work or the they dont have electricity,all paperwork go handwritten and takes weeks before the commission got contact with the farm owners.
I still have good hopes because everything they controlled until now was perfect ok with regulations,permits,the farm,original breeding stock,f1 animals ect
But they need to be controlled on like 30 points so that's why it takes so crazy long time.
This is the only way to get the animals out on a legal way.
You maybe notice that no Uganda animals are available no ware so everybody is waiting for animals not only you but whole Europe is waiting like crazy.
Hope to bring good news in the upcoming weeks.
We working for so long on it we go true it until we have them i can promise you that!
These cute guys? :p


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Saldarya ready for his. I talked to Bobby yesterday and he is hoping they come in soon.

yea, I am definetly excited for these as well as the k. Xenorhina. That being said, the Brady's are keeping my attention at the moment, so I am kind of glad I dont have 6 brand new lil ones, just 2 to fret over!!

Here are some pics of mine :D just been crazy busy lately so I haven't been able to post much

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Outstanding, they look great!! Is the female Gravid?
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