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So I first started out with this schedule because I was just getting Waldo. Now that I'm getting my little female panther, I had to redo my schedule. Like it was said in the last thread, my son has started school so he's on a schedule too. Anyways this schedule is good for fall/winter/spring with 10 hours of natural sun light. Summer they will only get 4 hours since its so dang hot.

Anyways here's my new schedule:
7am- Wake up, basking light on.
7:30am- Move Waldo and the light girl outside into their own 24x24x48 (24x48x66 all together with a space for my beardie underneath) Prepare breakfast
8am- Breakfast, morning misting 5 minutes
-10:30am- Get my son ready for school-
11am- Mist enclosures for 2-3 minutes
2pm- Mist Enclosure for 2-3 minutes
-3pm- Get my son off the bus afternoon snack-
5pm- Last misting 3-4 minutes, bring them in and put them in their free range. Waldos free range is in the living room, and female panthers will be in the kitchen. Afternoon snack.
-Dinner time-
-6pm- Let my son play outside for an hour-
7pm- Put the Chameleons in their enclosures if they haven't already moved in there.
8pm- Bed time

Bugs will get feed every two days. Enclosures will be spot cleaned everyday, deep every second Sunday. Oh and if anyone I'd wondering why I don't just leave them outside all night, my landlord has 2 outdoor cats and I don't think its a good ideal.
You certainly have put allot of though, time and effort into your new arrival. I might have missed this somewhere but how old is Waldo and your new female? You will have to keep the door closed or put up a really good barrier to keep Waldo out of the kitchen. :eek:
Waldo is 6 months... he's a veiled from camimom.
and the female panther haven't decided on name is 10 months old (13 months old when she gets here from Olimpia.

But yes there's a wall in between them so he can't see her.
You probably wouldn't really have to but at their age I would lightly dust once a month.
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