When will a male panther show its colors?


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Just wanting to know when my 3 month old male panther chameleon will start show its colors? what is the average age color starts staying on there body?
Thanks and if anyone could let me know that be awesome!


My baby panther is also 3 months old and is already showing some nice coloration. For the most part, I'm pretty sure that his basic colors should be visible around 5 months. You should post a pic! :)


To be honest, I'm no expert lol As a matter of fact, I posted a thread myself not too long ago asking people to help determine the sex my own chameleon. But based on what I know, I'd say it looks male because of the vibrant colors it's already showing at this age, and also because of the lack of an indentation at the end of the tail, but see if you can post more pics so that other people can better help out :D


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Panther males can grow and develop at drastically different rates but on average, a typical male will have very noticable coloration at around 6 months. Some are super colorful at 3 months and others not until 8 months, but by 6 pretty much everyone has some amount of color.
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