When to Start a Feeder Colony


Would one panther chameleon eat enough for starting feeder colonies to be practical? I was planning on starting a Dubia colony, a superworm colony, and possibly a green banana roach colony but am unsure if a single panther chameleon will be able to eat enough for me to not get overrun.


I’m raising dubia and bananas for 2 panthers and they can’t keep up with the colony growth. Unless you really enjoy raising bugs I might start with just one. You don’t have to get a huge bin - something smaller, shoebox size will work too. Dubia are quite easy to raise and it’s nice to not have to order or go to the pet store every couple weeks. Of course the bananas have been doing great too with a heat mat under them and occasional misting - I started 4 mos ago with about 100 and now I have too many nymphs to count. Go for it!
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