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If I have a 930 am appointment do I try to feed her before we go to the vet? Also is a small box with a towel in the bottom okay for transportation to the vet? Need advice ASAP I got tomorrow to the vet with my baby:)
Small box with towel with least light possible. Would be nice if you had a fresh poo sample (mine normally make one on the way to the vet). Feed water as if not going to the vet.
I transport mine in a bucket with removable branch and a towel over the top to make it dark. I do not put a towel in the bottom anymore - the first time I took him, I did put a towel in the bottom and then spent 10 minutes trying to get him to let go of the towel. The short branch is much easier and (I think) much less stressful on my cham since he can be teased off the branch fairly easily. Plus the handle on the bucket makes it easy to hold and keep him level.

I also wrote "Beware of Chameleon!" on the bucket with a skull and crossbones. It freaks out people in the vet's waiting room - someone always asks me if he's "poisonous" :D
hahahaha. thanks yall! Should I put the poop in a baggie? This the weird part to me...here doc heres some poop :D
Conversation that happened a few months ago in my office:

Coworker: Why is there an M&M labeled Ferdinand in the fridge?
Me: That's mine. It's not candy. Leave it alone.
Coworker: What is it?
Me: It's droppings. I need a fresh sample to get a fecal check this afternoon.
Coworker: It's... Yours...?
Me: Ha! No, it's my lizard's.
Coworker: ...but there IS poop in the fridge...
Me: Yes. There is poop in the fridge.
Lathis, that's very funny! I was wondering myself what the best way to get them to the vets is. I have a small cat carrier, so I was thinking of a damp towel at the bottom for humidity, and then a stick or branch. Plus a cover for darkness over the whole thing. Kind of like taking a bird in, only with less poop!
I have a small tree that fits on the floor of the drivers side of my car. My guys free range so they are use to trees and they love going for rides. You can also use a small travel cage. Put it in the back seat and seat belt it in. I highly recommend you take some fresh poop for a fecal......VERY important.
I have a small screen cage I use that is 16 X 16 X 30. It fits right on the front seat of the car. I put a small plant in there and a vine for them to crawl on.
wow i wish mine was free range but i think feeding would be hard. i thought about taking her out in the car for some sun but i feel like she would get hurt. so if i get a poop sample, i put it in the fridge??
Fresh poop in a baggie and into the fridge (not the freezer). I wouldn't keep it more than one day, but that should keep it moist and "fresh" until you can take it to the vet. Vets are very used to getting Ziploc baggies of droppings.

Happy collecting!
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