When do veileds normally become gravid?


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I'm a first time owner and I've had my cham for roughly 6 months. I'm pretty sure she was only about a month or two old when I bought her. My question is when do veiled chams usually become gravid and lay their eggs? My girl is about 3-4 inches from nose to anus and has been gaining a good amount of weight lately. Any warning signs I should look for? I just don't want this to sneak up on me without me being prepared for it.
They can start producing eggs as early as 5 months...but they can also go through their whole lives without producing any eggs at all. To some extent it depends on how much you feed them.
They may cut down on their eating or not eat at all, their coloring can change, they may start climbing around on the bottom of the cage looking for a place to lay.
Ok, she has a pretty good appetite and i have seen her on the floor of her terrarium a couple times. Any tips on what to do if she does become gravid?
You need to provide an opaque container (minimum..12" deep x 12" x8") of washed playsand in her cage so she has somewhere to dig to show you when she needs to lay eggs. This way you won't miss the sometimes subtle signs that she needs to lay eggs.

When she is digging do not let her see you watching her because it will likely make her abandon the hole...if she does that too often she can become eggbound.
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