When did you get your first Cham and what locale was it?


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Just curious as to when you purchased your first Cham, and what locale everyone started off with. Also where did you end up today? ie: Breeding, how many, etc.;)
I started with a veiled 3 years ago. Still have him, but then got (in order) and panther, jacksons, 2 brevs and a carpet. All males but one brev and the carpet. I may get a male carpet later... My brevs have 3 eggs cooking. :)
Too long ago to remember, I got a baby veiled cham. I quickly caught the bug and since then, I have kept several different species and have bred quite a few of them including, panthers, translucent veiled, verrucosus, pygs, melleri, fischer's, carpets, hoenhelli....and a couple others I think. This love for the cold-blooded also led me to start Chamo Wear, Inc. and I also am Windy City Chameleons.
Lily was a female veiled and I got her almost 3 years ago. I then got Amy nearly two years ago (she is 2 now), followed by Tommy (both Veileds) who I have had for 16 months (he is about 3 years old). Keeping chams has led me to Crested Geckos and I have a male and female of those too! I much perefer the lizards to furry pets now! The bug has well and truly bitten!:D
It was in the 1990's that I got my first NosyBe panther. I occassionally breed, but mostly I just keep pets. All panthers, NosyBe, Ambilobe and crosses between the two. Usually no more than 8 adults.
I got my first chameleon about a year ago, and it was a Pygmy. I then got 2 more brevs and a sambava and jacksons earlier this year.
I got my first cham a month ago and she is a female ambilobe. I'm getting a male tomorrow. Also ambilobe. Would love to get a nosy mitsio.
i got my first guy Camo hes a veiled, and just 2 weeks ago i added a second little guy Gizmo, my beautifull little nost be panther. prob be adding a faly in the next couple months
I bought my first ambilobe panther about 8 years ago. I didn't even know the difference between male and female panthers. Can you say impulse buy??? Yes I was at a reptile show and had to add to my dragon collection. I am still adding and still learning.
I got my Nosey Be x BB Ambilobe panther cham about a month ago.

It's my first experience owning a cham, but I'm hooked already and I know Simba is the first of many :D
1992 got a tiny pair of veileds a few weeks old. Were shipped delta so I had to drive 50 minutes to the airport to pick them up on arrival. $250 ea. they were still a pretty new species to the hobby- heck most any chameleon successfully kept long term and bred was a pretty new phenomena.

I'll never forget how tiny they were and how afraid I was that one would die.

I'll never forget how fast they grew. In those days the thinking was adult size in 3 1/2 to 5 months months and breed them the female's first cycle was the best thing for them and we kept them hot and in 29 gallon aquarium tanks and fed them 2 or 3 times a day.

I'll never forget how amazed I was that the female dug all the way to the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket to lay when the time came.

There was something magical about that first pair...
My husband bought me my first chameleon for my 50th birthday. It was the only fully grown chameleon available here at the time. He was a Fischer's. He died recently. I have a young captive bred Fischer's now.
My first was a subadult male Jackson's in 2003. He died in 2005, and I got a 3 month old male panther. Thaxter (the panther) died just a year ago at a little under 5 years old, and I currently have a male panther and female veiled, both a little over a year old. Also had a colony of bearded pygmies for awhile.
WOW! I hope to be in this for the long term (meaning to keep continuing having Chams in my life for however long that may be). I am a new owner of my 3 A M panther, 1 F veiled and a M veiled. I am doing all I can to educate myself even after the fact I had thought I had done that :rolleyes:! before buying. I am always worried though treating them like they are human newborn infants. I really appreciate finding this forum I have learned a bunch in a short time and there is much more knowledge to gain. Thanks Again to all:)
I got my first cham, a female ambanja, in September of 2010. She was from LLL Reptiles and I got her at the Tucson Reptile and Amphibian show. I now have a total of 4 panther chameleons. It's a real struggle for me not to check the want ads because I am so tempted to add more.
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