What's your heat bulb wattage ??


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Zoo med 75 or 100 w ??? I've always used a 100 w yet I've got into a few arguments saying that's too hot ??? I used it in my 24x18x24 enclosure or his baby cage I think that's the measurements, and now he has the extra large screen reptibreeze ... Any input ??
Your wattage will totally depend on your own setup and ambient temps.

As an example (totally made up numbers). If you had a 2x2x4 ft screen enclosure and to get your basking spot to 85 F you needed a 75 watt. I also have a 2x2x4 screen enclosure, but because my ambient temperature is 5 warmer, I only need a 40 Watt.

You need to figure out the wattage by checking the temperatures with either a Temperature gun (most accurate) or digital thermometer. If using a digital thermometer it needs to stay in that spot for 15-20 minutes before giving a close to accurate reading.

What kind of chameleon do you have?
Temp gun helps a lot for this, but definitely need to check basking temps perodically. one wattage bulb won't work all year round. I have to change mine sometimes several times a year.
We commonly switch out bulbs based on season. We have a winter set, and a summer set - summer is often half the wattage of winter, as the ambient temps are higher.

For larger or taller cages and chameleons that like high temps, I rarely go below 100 watts. For smaller cages, or chams that like cooler temps, I'll stick with a 50 watt or a different shaped bulb (60 watt round bulb like this is going to make a cooler basking area than a spotlight style bulb like this).

Your wattage will totally depend on your own setup and ambient temps.

I use 25 watt tungsten incandesent standard household bulbs right now, as we've got warm summer temps so the house is warm (and I dont like to run AC)
40watts typically in the spring. 60-100 watts in Fall/winter, depending on how much I choose to heat my house / the cham room.
As others mentioned, totally depends on set up. Also depends on species. My panthers right now only get a 60W in a 4' cage. My Montane species, 25w in 3' cages.
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