What's your cham's name...

im faster

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i dunno if this one is a old thing but whats your name why you name it whats it mean....

jackson male...

meanin ocean wave

why i dunno i live in hawaii and i like hawaiin names
Male Veiled = Niji (Rainbow in Japanese)
Male Ambilobe Panther = Rekka (Burning Flame in Japanese)
Female Ambilobe Panther = Hanabi (Fireworks in Japanese)
my panther's name is cosmo becuz of all of the colors. and my deremensis' name is dino becuz he looks likea mini tricerotops
My panther is Bubba....no special meaning or reason just when I clean his cage, feed him, mist, etc. etc. I always talk to him and call him my little bubba and it just stuck I guess :D
My Veiled's full name is Invader Zim - from the character in the cartoon show - because he kind of looks like a green alien... Everyone calls him Zim for short. And not to be confused with land invaders in Zimbabwe...
male panther - 9months - named krull
Female panter 8.5 months- named Tarra
Male Flapneck- -unknown- named Marvin
Female Flapneck- unkone- named Norma Jean
Female Veiled - 11 months- named Sammy
Male Jackson- 2.5 months- named Booger (pending)

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