whats the best night light color for chams?


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i have a red heat lamp bulb thats on 24/7 as instructed by many people. but one person stated red is bad for chams being they cansee red and it stress them out. whats everyones setups and what do you think about it?

Do you really need the heat lamp at night? Is this outdoors? What are temperatures like?
its an indoor all sceen cage. my wife likes to have the a/c on full blast 24/7 so dont like to change it.

I would suggest this if the AC is always on. Of course depending on what type of cham you have a 10 degree drop at night is ok to help them sleep. but it's colder I would suggest the light below which does NOT light up it just emits heat

They need to have their darkness from around 7-8PM to 7-8AM

Ceramic Heat Emitters

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its an indoor all sceen cage. my wife likes to have the a/c on full blast 24/7 so dont like to change it.


Does the chameleon getting a draft from the "full blast" ac 24/7?
In this case, I have a feeling you will encounter a problem with your chameleon soon.
Another thing is (assuming your cham is veiled or panther) the necessity of 10 degrees drop at night to induce deep sleep for your chameleon.

Having a night light on 24/7 can quickly become a problem.
Unless you and your wife loves to be sleeping in a house with temperature below 40 degree F, imho, I do not think your chameleon need the heat.

If I were you, I would be more concern on the humidity level you are providing for him. Air conditioner and heater robs humidity like nobody's business.
This morning I found out the humidity in my reptile room drop to 13%!:eek:
The whole day now, I have been using humidifer on strongest setting to bring the humidity up to 49%.
Idk where do you live (it doesn't seems like you are in US..).. But, here, the weather has been odd lately.. Doesn't it feel like summer already in the beginning of february?!
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What is important here is what is the temperature in the house? Chameleons need to cool off at night. If your house at night is below 60-62, then you may want to go with what tbs250z mentioned.
Also, what type of chameleon do you have. The temperature I mentioned would be the low limit for a panther, veileds can go lower without any night time heat.

Also, try not to have the cool air of the AC blowing into the cage.

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