What type of vine is this I found?


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I found this vine in my backyard woods and i was wondering what it is and if i can use it in my new cage for my veiled?




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The pics not close enough? It is running through the background too! I cant get a closer pic till I get back home from college on tomorrow. I am located in PA!



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I would toss it in the oven, bake it and be good to go. I always figure if it is cleaned of harmful stuff it is ok. I don't know that any wine like that are a problem. But pm cainschams and ask, he is sure to know.


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Yeah, its harder to ID without more info, close-up of the leaves/stems, whether it has flowers, fruits. And I'm a florida botanist...so that doesn't help either.


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I would just make sure that bark doesn't crumble off easily. Some Chams bite of their sticks and branches and swallowing pieces of bark can be bad for them


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Alright cool Ill clean it off with a clorox solution then either throw it in the oven if it fits, or just let it bake in the sun for a day or so. I used this type of vine for my garter snake cage and have had no problems for like 4 years now but i just wanted to make sure!

Thanks guys I appreciate the help!
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