What type of chameleon is Bonnie?


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Can someone tell us what type of chameleon she is? We got her from repticon and was told she was imported. We are also unsure of her age. We are new to having chameleons but we've done as much research as possible to ensure they are cared for properly.


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Thank ya'll for your answers. Cloverthechameleon shes pretty sure that's what the man called her when she purchased her.


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30$ is another sign it is a Senegal chameleon. They are one of the most inexpensive species on the market. If you post afew pictures of the base of the tail i could try and help you tell if its a male or female.


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I agree with Senegal. In addition to female carpets being way more colorful (though this depends on age), their casques don't swoop upward like that

Wild caught chameleons rarely do well in captivity. Parasites, disease, eggs... If you have other reptiles, you're really going to want to quarantine her. Captive bred is so much safer, especially when you've never kept chameleons before.
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