What should minimum humidity and maximum humidity for a pygmy enclosure?


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I just finish setting up the physical layout of pygmy enclosure and before i get the some chameleons in there, I decided to test and record how much humidity is caused by misting with a hand held mister and humidifier, as well how long it would take for the humidity to start dropping. With that being said does anyone know what would be the maximum humidity levels and minimum humidity levels for an enclosure? I heard no less then 60% for the low end but didn't see anything in regards to the maximum setting. Thanks to any response and early Happy New Years Greeting :D
There aren't really maximums, but you do need to make sure it dries out fairly frequently, if not between each misting, to prevent mold and bacterial growth. My substrate turned to mud after a while because I wasn't letting it dry out enough and it waterlogged some of my plants. Since then I've added sand to my substrate mix and that helps with drainage. I aim for humidity between 60-80% if that helps.
Thanks for the info, advice and the link (I have actually read it before but during my read through i didn't see a maximum humidity setting). I think I'm finally getting the setting down for my area at least during winter weather, and I plan to buy timer for humidifier. As for the soil getting too damp I am working on it, partially because i m still trying to make areas where i release some springtails damp all the while leaving the areas where i have plants just slightly moist
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