What, no Locusts?


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Hello all,

I'm fairly new to these forums, (been on others a while) and I must say I'm loving all the info available, however I have a question:

In all the threads I have read so far there is no real reference to usnig locusts as feeders, and I notice they aren't in the resource section on food either - is there a reason for this?

I'm now worried i'm goign to get home to find my new baby panther savaged by locusts:eek:

Is this just because they are harder to get hold of in the states (i'm in the UK) or is this a safety/impaction thing?

At the moment my panther ("Felix") is only 3 months old and about 2" long SVL and he's on hatchling locusts.

Any answers appreciated!



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They are illegal to sell in the states, which is where I think the majority of forum members live, so they're not discussed much just because we don't ever use them. I catch grasshoppers in the summer and feed them to my chams, and I know locusts are very popular feeders in Europe.


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Nice to see you posting on this forum too :D

Yeah locusts not used in America and thats were most members on here seem to be from.

You're fine feeding locusts as part of a varied diet.

Just make sure that when Felix is an adult and if you choose to feed him adult locusts, that you pull the back legs of so they don't hurt Felix when he swallows them.

Hope the little man is doing ok. Simba ate 7 small morios this morning, all from the forceps!!! :D

Got my fly culture, roaches and wax worms delivered today.

Fly culture in the early stages so only a couple of actual flies in the tub. :rolleyes: Roaches are fine, wax worms seem huge. Will have to see if Simba will eat them, as he was afraid of the silks???? Who knows...will see.
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