Espio Wil Not Eat Crickets or Locusts, is this problem long term?


Our 7 month old panther chameleon will not eat crickets or locusts of of any description. I've tried all sizes and colours I can get my hands on but he won't touch them. I tried offering nothing else for 3 days but that just meant he ate nothing for those 3 days and that about as long as I'm willing to try to starve him out!

I'm currently feeding him as much variety as I can find. He gets a mixture of dubia roaches, calci worms (Black soldier fly larvi), lots of silkworms, black soldier flies that I've allowed to hatch and 1 superworm every couple of days.

I dust with multi vitamins and calcium daily and calcium with d3 every few weeks. Everything I feed him is gutloaded with repashy superload.

He absolutely loves the flies and gets excited chasing and hunting them so I was thinking of introducing some moths into his diet, any idea what species would be good?

My question is, is this OK long term or will I eventually have to get him eating crickets? Is there something in a cricket that he's not getting from his diet at the moment for example?

Any advice would be appreciated!

He is on a good varied diet now. I would not worry about adding in crickets. If he likes flying feeders look into Blue bottle fly spikes. I know rainbow mealworms sells them. They come in as magots alive and nasty... Put them in a small plastic container and then in your fridge they will slowly start to pupate and get their brown hard shell. Then I take out these and put them into another container that is clear so I can see when they hatch out. You can either drop them into his pots to hatch out in the cage. Or take the container and slide it into the service door and pop the lid so they fly out. These are a meatier larger fly. They are faster as well like a housefly. He will love them.
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