What kind of insects can i feed my chameleon?

hi froggirl,

If I remember correctly, he has not been eating recently due to his eyes being closed. If he is able to hunt on his own, I would recommend feeding some worms. They are easier for him to catch, and provide more food for the same amount of required action. Silkworms are great as a staple diet. I use silkworms and crickets, and once in a while will provide some treats :) He is old enough for juvenile silkworms. You can do a search for silkworms in here to get more info. Some wax worms (if small enough) could be good to give him some energy. They don't have much nutritional value, but are high in fat/sugar and will make your cham smile. What were you dusting your crickets with in the past? This might have been the cause of the problem, so make sure you are providing the needed calcium\vitamins.

If he is not eating on his own, follow the instructions on the adcham bugjuice.
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Great find!
I visit their site all the time, but had not read this article yet.
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