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What is the best chameleon for your money and if i put one in with a pygmy chameleon would they fight or kill each other?
Pygmy+Pygmy can be ok, I believe most people keep them in small groups.

Pygmy+anything that isnt pygmy= pygmy will be lunch, or maybe breakfast, but it will get eaten.

Id recommend a panther or veild as a starter chameleon.
DO NOT put another chameleon with a pygmy chameleon. BAD STUFF WAITING TO HAPPEN.

In fact NEVER put two chameleons together unless you are mating them or they are both pygmies.

Veiled chameleons are hardy, relatively easy to care for, but usually the more fussy of the species.

Panthers are more expensive usually but they are colorful as they grow up and are definitely a cool pet, but they are more temperamental and require more close care.

Jacksons require lower temps and have those three cool horns (boys) but the colors usually aren't so spectacular (usually just shades of green. FL chams does have some blueish yellow ones though) and they're usually pretty chill.

Any other type would probably be a pain to take care of (tedious) and expensive..
It's hard to say which is best for your money, because everybody has different opinions. Panthers have the wild colors and tend to be more friendly than veileds, but they come with a pretty expensive price tag. Veileds are also a great starter cham, and are much cheaper. The best thing to do is lots of research about which you would prefer...and neither veileds or panthers can be housed together. They are solitary animals and the stress of being in the same enclosure will end up killing whichever is the less dominant one.
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