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Spike just pooped for the first time since the vet fiasco. But um... he seemed to be straining quite a bit and then THIS happened:

WHAT IS THAT!? Does he have hemorrhoids?? I thought he was pooing out his intestines or something. It went back in though...

and here's a pic of the poo:

He seems to be moving around more now... I guess that's good.

Having a chameleon is quite stressful... I am always worried about him!:eek:


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He looks very pleased/relieved in the last pic :)

If he hasn't 'been' for a while then his urates can look yellow/orange....watch for his next poop.....hopefully it looks better.
OMG ew! Ok... sorry for that post then... I am embarrassed that I displayed his man-goods for all to see! Poor fella!!!

Glad to know he is well hydrated though. I am constantly fussing over him since he's been sick!

Thanks... *blush*
Oh my gosh, I totally passed up the last picture. It looks like he's proud of both his HUGE poop and his HUGE well you know. Lol!:D
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