What is the right amount to feed?


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I have a 5 month old veiled who is eating about 10-13 3/4" crickets a day.
I also have a 4 month old panther that is eating about 20 a day and always looking for more. This seems to be a lot to me, but the fact that they are juveniles is why I feed that much. I also occasionally feed some mealworms and hornworms. I am waiting for my dubia colony to expand before I start feed them. What would be the right amount I should be feeding?
panthers and veilds are about the same in feeder amounts. should be like 10-15 smallish crickets a day tilll about 6 months old than 6-8 a day after that until about 12-13 months than you should drop them down to every other day 6-8 large.
How are the head pads on the panther? Are they both males? I've always fed my male panthers quite a bit more than a male veiled.
both are males, head pads look normal. The panther seems to have a much more voracious appetite than the veiled. It's gotten to the point when he sees me opening the cage he starts climbing down to the spot I dump the crickets in.
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