What is the best way to get a VC to drink?


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Please folks, everyone give me their methods they have successfully used to get a VC to become a good drinker. My 6 month old MVC is thin and is so scared he chills at the top till someone goes in his room where he is in a 48x24x24 open air with a basking and UVB in one light. He will eat lettuce not greens like nobodies business romaine. He will not eat crickets. I have a bug salad in a dish for him today (silk, wax, mealworms).
pics please and can you be more detailed on the care you are giving? most chams in general arent a beefy lizard. personally i would like to see a pic to give an opinion. as far as drinking is concerned.......what are your methods as of now? does he have signs of dehydration? some people on here say they never see there chameleon drink. i personally watch mine drink daily. my methods are cave man style. good' ole spray bottle and some time. some chams take some time before they start drinking. usually my chams are in a defense mode of sorts when i first approach the cage so it takes a few minutes for them to chill. i do it everyday and everytime i get the same results from some of my chams. on the other hand i have some chams that run to there spot to drink when they see me coming. so really you need to find what best suits your guy. you cant go wrong with a dripper as a support to mistings.
Food and cage set up with temp and humidity.

It would so me great service to detail out your set up from top to bottom and daily routine followed for long term success. Basically the tried and proved methods u personally wouldn't raise them any different. Thanks in advance
Usually when you start misting a veiled it will try to move away from the spray. If you gently drip it on the end of its nose or mist it on the end of the nose slowly for a couple of minutes after spraying the cage down, it will start to drink.
okay heres my basics.

Cage:30x30x6' lots of rope, vines and a potted umbrella plant in the bottom. i clean cage floor every sunday.

Lighting: 5.0 reptisun/75 watt house hold bulb. the house bulb watt will depend on how far your nearest branch is from the light and your ambient room temps.
***change bulbs every 6 months.

Temps: basking temp around 90* / ambient temps 72* measure by digital guages.

Hydration: manual spray 2-5 minutes/2-3 times a day. i have 10 chameleons and 8 babies add that up ")

Feeders: gutloaded with fresh veggies and fruits and once a week with sticky tongues gutload. Crickets, mealworms, superworms, silkworms, hornworms, dubai roaches, reptiworms, BB flies and chopped green leaf lettuce.

Supplements: calcium w/o d3 every feeding, calcium w/d3 twice a month, herptivite twice a month

Emergency stuff to keep around: reptaid, provodone iodine, polysporin, pedialyte and a syringe

READ READ AND READ SOME MORE about your chameleon and pay attention to details with your chameleon. if you see a change research it and follow up. the health clinic section on this forums is a great read. even if your cham is not sick at the time. it will better prepare you if and when a situation may arise. many people on here are very good with chameleons and are super informative.

please answer the questions in first reply and if you have pics i would love to see him!!
Pics of my 6 month old VC.

what do you think?


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absolutely beautiful. i love seeing a veiled able to reach adult hood. so many arent that fortunate!!! his limbs look straight, hydrated, he looks somewhat alert LOL j/k. be proud of that dude!!
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