what is blue bottle fly larva ?

Where did you find them? I checked and don't see any, but I may be using the wrong search words. Grubco has them for cheap, but you have to order them in huge quantities.

wow on ebay...they have rules against selling live things on ebay....hmmmmmmmmm

They have rules about selling pets on Ebay, not live reptile food. I have purchased crickets, fruit flies, and silkworms on Ebay in the past. There are several retailers that sell live food on Ebay at very competitive prices.

Yup, pretty much all flies are that way. Good thing they don't last long enough to reproduce in any cage that I have ever put them in. Blue bottle flies are a great source of food for chameleons, and are taken eagerly by my panther and by the brevs. They can be purchased from www.grubco.com as larvae and refrigerated to keep them from pupating until they are needed. Once they are kept at room temperature, they become pupae and then flies within a few days, usually about 10. Wild flies eat all sorts of nasty stuff that can be passed to your chameleon, but feeding farmed ones is safe and will pack weight onto a skinny chameleon. Plus, it is a lot of fun to watch them repeatedly flicking their tongues at the flies...

What amazes me is the attitude towards feeding flies, especially coming from some experienced keepers. Flies have been credited with getting picky eaters eating again, putting weight on sick chameleons, and, all around, being a great addition to a chameleon's diet. Not many chameleons can resist fat blue flies when they are buzzing around their UVB light. While the thought may not appeal to you personally, the reasoning used in this thread for not feeding them is not very well thought out. Has anyone looked up what a superworm eats in the wild? How about crickets? You don't put so many in the cage that they won't be eaten in a couple days. They are a cheap, nutritous feeder and are definately worth a second look.

Precisely... There are tons of mentions on the forums about crickets having a nibble on chams while they're sleeping, so I can't see that feeding flies is any worse than crickets.
just bought flies

I just bought some blue bottle fly larva for my ambilobe panther after reading this forum. I am new to these flies and have a few questions. I put them in the fridge and kept 5 at room temperature for them to pupate. Should I feed the lil' maggots somthing? I would like to gutload them with something nutricious. How long will the whole process take? Any info would be appreciated.
the thing is after watching this thread i'm thinking some of these flies might be a good thing for chameleons because over the summer from time to time a wild fly got into a cage or two and the chameleon ate it.
there are bigger flies called horse flies i don't know where they come from but i think a adult chameleon would eat them and 10-15 of them would be alot for a chameleon.
this is something for the future that i might experiment with.
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