What is a good misting kit?


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I have a jackson and I plan on getting a misting set up. I have done lots of looking and I have no idea what to get. Any input will be nice thanks!


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For one viv the starter is good. You can buy extra valves with it . You get plenty tubing.


I too was looking at the starter kit from mistking does anyone have any pics they can post up with their current mist set up:eek:??


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This is my set up. Don't think I can do 4 pics in one post.


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I went with the mid range kit because it had a slightly larger pump should I add cages. For one cage I think the basic kit would be Perfect.

I would probably add one or two of the following:


That corner wedge I think is a handy thing to have, I bought 2. You can easily make one I suppose but I just bought some and was done with it.

Whatever you decide, try and get all the misc. bits at one time, shipping (because it's international) is a killer for just a couple forgotten small pieces.

While it's in transit, may as well have the other items ready since when you get it you will be excited to set it up lol

In addition to the "kit" you will need a water reservoir, most use a 5 gallon bucket I suppose but I needed something smaller, I got a 2-1/2 gallon from Home Depot. You will also need a 9/16-inch drill bit to drill the proper size hole in the bucket. I used a spade bit.


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Mistking and /or Aquazamp are the way to go imo, no others compare in quality, and reliability. Personally I have not used an aquazamp system, but many here have and never have I heard a bad thing. Kevin from aquazamp is a member here(summoner12) and is extremely helpful with any questions.
I have two Mistking systems, and the only problems I have ever had were human error:rolleyes: Both work excellent!
I will definetely be purchasing an aquazamp system in the future though!
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