What do you think my little body bloodline is?


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Veiled chameleons are....veiled chameleons...there are no specific locales or anything. There are 'bloodlines' however, notably FLChams titles their veiled chameleons "X" bloodline based on the sire, since the baby will have similar colors, but they aren't universal like Nosy Be, Ambilobe, etc. for panthers.

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And with panthers, they are bloodlines, but that is not how it works, as they are a different locale, based on region. I believe there are two subspecies of calyptratus, but one is mainly kept in captivity commonly.


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Veileds do have a few morphs, I guess you'd call them. You can have a high yellow, a high turquoise, and of course there are the translucents which are a little different. The high yellow or high turquoise just refer to the amount of that color in your veiled - you've got a handsome boy, no doubt about that! Male veileds tend to look a LOT like their sires, however I don't know how much of an impact females have. To really see this demonstrated, look for the thread by JannB, where she has a family tree of her chameleons - look for a thread about the great-grands, or the great-great- grands (I have one from each generation and they look similar to their siblings in each generation).
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