What do you think about this one...


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What do you think about this one...

I first bought a male and a female cham purely for the fact that I couldn't afford an Iguana. (Best choice buying chams! :D)

As you can imagine I was totally uneducated in the feild of chameleons but I have successfully captive bred Cuban Knight Anoles and Beardies so I wasn't a complete novice. The lady in the pet store said they are both fine to be in the same viv.

I am now alot more educated and it has come to my attention that I shouldn't really keep them together. Fortunately, my chams were ok together as that is how they were brought up in the store.

Nancy is now as pregnant so I'm hopefully waiting for some little 'uns!

I seperated them a few weeks ago and ever since my male has been a murky brown colour.

I can hand feed him from outside the viv but if I put my hand even the slightest bit in he will flare up, start swinging and giving me all his mojo.

Also, when hand feeding, he turns a standard green colour.

Can anyone shine some light on this please... and just to note, I do realise what mistakes I made earlier in my husbandry and I have retain the corresponding keeper info from alot of you guys on here.

So thanks in advance and thanks for all the helpful info.
Good morning. First piece of info we need is what kind of chameleons you have, age if you know and pictures of the chams. Great job on separating them. The male may be grumpy as you took away his girl, but he will get over it!! Since you separated them can they still see each other? Even seeing each other can cause unwanted stress.
Hi, I have 2 veiled. I honestly couldn't tell you how old they are but from other photos I would guess at about 1-2 months when I bought them and that was on Jan 13th. They cannot see each other at all (different rooms).

Just a bit worried that he is fine when my mum goes in but if I put my hand past the sliding glass he will "hiss" at me.

Could it be something on my hands? I wash my hands well after work and before/after handling any of my reptiles.

About a week back I let him onto a small plant in my front room whilst cleaning him and slowly edged my hand under him to get him back in and he was fine, he climbed right up my shirt and onto my head. Next day, he is going mad at me :(
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