what do yall think?

I will just be honest with you hear the pump most likely can only run for a limited amount of time, probably five minutes. It will most likely not have any run dry protection. I guess most people would say to avoid it because of this but I think you can get around that.

You can set the timer to run say five minutes on, one minute off and then back on. This will help it not to over heat. Running dry is not a joke. It can quickly ruin the pump or worse cause a fire. Some people rig up floats so that power will not be allowed to go to the pump if the water level is to low. Really I switch the water every day so this is not an issue for me and if you do this it will not be an issue for you either.

You maybe able to order just a pump and nozzle then peice the rest together from what you can get in your area. Really you will have to check around first to see if that is an option. If LLLReptile does not sell the pump by itself Big Apple Herp does, check with them.
Might want to email promist and ask them about the new system they are designing.. here is an email from them dated 3/29. I completely agree with him about the customer service. I admit to being a demanding customer, and this company always surpasses my expectations.


Our Pro Mist PMP 60&70 pumps have a proven track record of reliability and performance for more than 10 years along with unsurpassed customer service. Our pumps are quieter, will last much longer, can run continuously (even dry) without damage and are covered by a better warranty which has recently been extended on the pump to 3 years from the date of purchase to the original buyer. This warranty will be honored for all of our PMP-60 & 70 pumps sold after 01/04/05.

We have several industrial customers that operate our pumps 24/7 in harsh manufacturing plant environments, which have been in service for more than 5 years without any problems. Even the FBI chose our system after researching all of the brands available to create a simulated aerosol attack to train their agents (no noise, super fine mist, lower flow rate, dependable). To date, we have not had one pump returned (in or out of warranty) due to a failure of the pump.

We are currently working on a new lower priced system that will provide close to the quality and performance of our present systems, but at a reduced price. It will outperform all other standard models being sold by other companies and will include a pump with many of our current features including being able to run dry without damage, quiet as our current pumps and will be totally self priming. We are trying to bring this system to the market in the $130.00 price range and should have it available in about 6-8 weeks.

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Pro Products [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']www.pro-products.com[/FONT]
I'm getting the new ProMist 50. It will cost me 129.99 plus 14.95 shipping. Under 150.00 It will have two swivel nozzles, 25 ft of hose and all the clamping hardware. This unit has been made to be even quieter and has just as much oomf as the 60 and 70 as far as what it will push. It has been made to last and will come with the usual 1 year warrenty.
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