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Hey Everyone. I have veileds and jacksons and Iam thinking of getting the following to breed:
2 horned mountain
I have a few questions. Is it possible to house any of the chameleons together and are any of them easy to keep? The jacksons and veileds are easy for me. I have a pair of veileds and jacksons that iam going to breed. I want to know if these other chams I listed are easy to breed and care for. Couldn't find any info on the senegals or ousteletties but heard senegals are hard but is it true? All the chams are WC that iam looking at. Thanks. Craig.
I am glad to see that you have a great interest, just make sure that you read up on these animals before getting them. These are different then the "true" chameleons as far as requirments, ECT.

As far as where to find them, do you want some help?(for when you decide that you are ready to get one)

Hi Jake, Well If it is in Florida. I was thinking about buying the pygmies at a show . Where are places to buy? Thanks. Craig.
Well, i was gonna suggest Mike Monge. www.flchams.com even though he has multiple species, from what i ave been told, the bearded pygmys are the easiest "starter" chameleon.

He is located in flordia too. He may be at some of the shows, and he knows what he's talking about with regard to chameleons!
Hi craig

Good luck with the brevs. I highly recommend captive bred animals if you can find them.
Hey Craig,

I'll be at the Orlando Show May 19th and 20th. Check my website www.flchams.com and select Show Schedule.

I have some Captive Bred Pygmys now I'd just like to get some more size on them. I can bring them to the show if you'd like I will have tons of Captive Bred one's in the months to come.

Thanks for the refferal Jake.
Anytime Mike, hopefully i will be able to order some pygmys from you soon.
I am in the middle of moving into another house with the family,lol. So the panthers/Vieleds are keeping me busy at the moment

Soon though, i will shoot you an e-mail!

Hey Mike. What species of pygmy are your chams? Also are the CB? COuld you pm me your price? I didn't see them one the site. Thanks again. Craig.
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