What camera?


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So my birthday is in a couple of months and I want a camera for my birthday. Do any of you have a suggestion on what camera I should get I really want to take so really pretty pictures of my chameleon for my bedroom and I’ll need a good camera for that!❤️


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I use the Sony a6000. Imo mirrorless is amazing, takes great shots that are comparable to an slr, and with the a6000 even though it is a bit older, it still has the same mounting system as newer models so there is no fear of missing out!


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I also have this camera and totally love it. It is much smaller and lighter than most SLR's yet you have all the flexibility of the different lenses and pics are amazing.


If you don’t mind spending a bit of money canons are really nice, I have a canon t3i rebel with added micro lenses and a canon g11 with the normal lens. They take really good pictures and are my go to camera


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I use a Nikon coolpix b500. A bit outdated now but I do love the wifi upload and its zoom capabilities.
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