What bugs do you keep? ;-)


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Chams are new to me as of August of this year and I fear I am getting a new addiction lol so I thought I'd share a bit of my currant addiction and see if there's any other invert keepers floating around the Cham forum :)
First up Avicularia purpurea

Wild caught centipede from burns oregon

Uroctonus mordax from my yard

Poecilotheria metallica

Lol! Orange bitey thing ;)

Paraphysa scrofa

Green bottle blue

Avicularia versicolor

Haplopelma lividum

When I get board I doctor my pics a little ;)

Well there a small sample lets see what you all got what ever it may be ;)


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Haha thanks! The centipede was an awesome find! I have been camping in that area for over 20 years and that is the first I have found and I get down and dirty bug hunting lol

little leaf

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here is what I keep bug wise:
walking sticks ( from my yard)
snails ( from my woods )
Chinese Mantis (from my yard)
Ghost mantis ,silks , fr/fly, isopods, crix, dubia, banana , and hisser roach, earwigs, wax worms , super worms, meal worms ( no one like those- lol) bean beetle ( but I think those died :confused: :( ) and moths
I order: hornworms & stable flies
and I keep chameleons , bearded dragon, and L Williamsi gecko :)


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And a couple from the yard ;)
Pseudo scorpion

Tiger beetle

Millipedes caught while black lighting

Rhino beetle larvae ( not from the yard)

Ahh there catching on lol cricket camo!

Angry trap door spider


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I too have gotten into bugs,

I have several different kinds of walking sticks
I have Scarab beetles (Chrysina Beyeri) and several of their larvae
Dubias, Question mark roaches, Death Head roaches, Horse Shoe Crab Roaches

I love your spiders and taurantulas <3 They are all so gorgeous


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I love your tarantulas! Centipedes give me the heebie jeebies! I love all sorts of bugs and have no problem touching some of the "scary" or "dangerous" ones, but centipedes I can't handle. They look like they want to crawl through my nose and eat my brains! Your's is a neat looking one though. How big is it?

When I was living with my mom I had a small tarantula sling that I thought was big enough to put in a kritter keeper. I was wrong and it got loose. I couldn't keep anymore after that! I haven't gotten around to getting anymore now though.

I mostly keep various roaches, some mantids, butterflies/moths whenever I can, and various spiders I find outside. Most of the bugs I have also double as possible feeders.

Roaches: dubia, discoids, B. fusca, six spots, orange heads, surinams. I used to have bananas, dominos, and some other exotic that is evading my mind right now.
Mantids: Europeans, Chinese, every now and then some ghosts or flower mantids as well.
Butterflies/moths: cabbage whites, painted ladies, American ladies, buckeyes, gulf fritillary, monarches, Polyphemus moths, Luna moths, hyles lineata, hornworms and other sphinx moths.
Backyard spiders: various jumping spiders, black widows, false widows, some kind of orb weaver (crazy webs!), dysdera crocata, and whatever else I can find.

I once had these cave crickets that were super neato! Easy to breed and the chameleons loved them, but they took forever to grow and needed high humidity.


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I'll play!

You’ve got some cool bugs! I don’t have near as fancy spiders as you do, but here are some I’ve kept in the past.

Grammostola pulchripes. (Chaco Golden Knee)

Brachypelma vagans. (Mexican Red Rump)

For those of you who have not seen the underside of a large spider, here are the chelicerae, fangs and mouth parts:

And the same fangs right after a molt:



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@ little leaf, rhinos beetles only live around 4 months as beetles and require 2 years to reach that stage! Haha there fun but you gotta be patient ;)

@ Andee, you have my attention with those scarab beetles :) do you have any pictures??

@ pssh, the pede is only about 3 inches. And ya they scare the crap out of me as well! Look but don't touch creature for sure !!

@ trace, sweet more T's! I used to have many more terrestrials but the arboreals kinda became the favored bunch ;)

You all have some awesome feeder collections though. I really need to get some variety for my guy!


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A few mantids I've kept :)

I edited all these on my old camera so hope you likes ;)
This guy was wicked!


Male ten lined June bug

Timber beetle around 3 inches big :)


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? I open the link ang get nothing... Haha my rhino beetle larvae feed on oak leaves and oak rott. Luckily I'm surrounded by oak trees :)


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@Andee: Those Scarabs are beautiful!

I'd like to get into keeping some of the weird beetles but they are hard to find and/or get in Canada.
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