What are some good incubators?


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I have done a search and found similar questions but most of the incubators were very cheap and seemed like best bang for the buck type of thing.

What are some good incubators that I can use for hatching my first clutch? Something that will keep the eggs at a constant 72f lets just say. Thanks in advance.
Honestl, i dont think an incubator is necisary. If you keep eggs in a rubber made like container, witin a dark/warm closet they should be fine...unless your house gets super warm/cold.
You can make one out of those cheap foam coolers and Heat tape or wire. Just slide it in the tank and hook up a thermostat to it to control the temp.
Heat wire or heat tape that you can find at any pet store. You have to make sure you plug it into a thermostat controller so that you don't start a fire...lol. Also the thermostat will control the temp.
Use the thermostat controller to control the heat level. Ex. Lower thermostat to lower temp and vice versa. Make sure you have a thermometer in there to check temps
Sorry I am still not understanding... The thermostat controls the temperature, and the heat wires heat the foam cooler, but what makes the cooler colder?
To make the cooler colder, all you do is turn off the heat or lower the thermostat controller. It's that simple.:)
...but what makes the cooler colder?

I hear ya. Hot summer days could potentially leave you with 100F+ even with the heater turned off. Some of us are "up and down" about this product:


I have one friend who swears by it but another found its overall thermoregulation to be very imprecise. A setting of 72F might yield a range of 65-75F or something like that... I've asked my breeder-friend who loves it and has hatched many chameleons by using it, to collect some data on the thermoregulation of her "incubator" so that we can figure out if there is a quality control issue with the equipment or not.

I struggled to keep a batch of panther eggs within the range that I had targeted but when the summer heat hit, there were days when I found my hova-bater incubator got over 80F even in the coolest part of my house. Even still, I had a very good hatch rate.
I can see your problem about keeping the incubator cooler in the summer heat. With the cheap foam design that I suggested, you could probably easily install a computer fan in one of the sides to suck out hot air. I never tried it but it sounds like it would definetly help.
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