What’s your dream chameleon?


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Ugh, the male I was going to get of the secret species just got sold to someone else, so it might not be until November now. I'm putting out feelers for other places, too. :(
Nooooo! How disappointing. You’ll get your secret cham! It will just take a little longer than you had anticipated.

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I’d actually never even heard of a Labord’s Chameleon until I saw your comment. I looked them up and all I can say is wow. That is one seriously impressive creature. I’m with you entirely on obtaining them sensibly as I have the same thoughts about Oustalet’s chameleons. i want to say it would be wonderful to be given the opportunity to keep one, but not if that means destruction of their natural habitat (or collecting so many wild specimens that they face existing only in captivity).
IIRC, Labord's are covered briefly in


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