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My 11 week old veiled just got done shedding on monday and i noticed he started to go to sleep around 6:30-7:00 first I though tit was because of shedding but now its a little weird..What could the problem be...he is drinking really good, no food for now...getting that tomorrow so ill say how he eats later...any help?
I don't think they should be sleeping with their lights on, they should be constantly looking around and alert.
Maybe it had a tough day. If a cham goes to sleep a bit early then it’s really nothing to worry about unless it’s doing it all the time – having it do it just once isn’t worth mentioning. Maybe all those carrots you are feeding it is making it feel like crap.

Kitty decided on an earlier bedtime about a month ago. In fact he is heading down to his sleeping perch as I type.
I take my cues from him and just turn the lights out earlier now.
Growing youngsters need their sleep!

My chameleon is very alert and always looking around she does however take a few naps a day shes only young we have had her a week now so iam hoping its just because shes getting used to our day time hours.we turn her light on at around 9am and turn it off between 9pm and 11pm we spray her 3 times a day she gets around 10 crickets a day and she eats them all.and her temprature is fine also theres a picture of her in my gallery.
I thought this was the 10 hour time of year. Fractal gets up at 7am and light's out at 5pm. I tell him it's nighty nite time and to put his eyes in the dark place and he does! Then I turn the lights out.
He may be tired/week from 3 days of nothing but carrots.... Id try to plan your purchase of feeders a bit better so you don't have any gaps in his in diet.
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