Weird vent? Or am I being paranoid (again)


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I noticed Beau‘s vent has not been sitting flush under his tail. He appeared to have a piece of sperm plug hanging out on Monday, but expelled it yesterday when he pooped (he’s been pooping every other day). Normal or worth investigating? Also worth mentioning - when he does poop somewhere in his cage, I smell it immediately when I open the cage door. It isn’t knock-you-off-your-feet bad, but it doesn’t smell pleasant. Also worth investigating?

I’d like to have him tested for parasites and thought I had a vet lined up, but I seem to be getting conflicting information on whether he has chameleon experience (initially I was told that he did, and today it was “well he works at a zoo so.. I’m sure he probably does.” That’s all good and great, but I like to be sure)


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I don’t think there’s a such thing as a needless vet (or doctor) visit as even if all is fine, the reassurance is worth it. I would definitely have a fecal done. Not sure what to tell you about whether or not to trust the vet’s experience, or lack of. Have you looked into other vets in your area?
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