Weird Dream and Hand Holding


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Posting this here because who else is going to understand?

I had a weird dream last night where Leo's right arm fell off. When I say "fell off," think of the way a succulent falls apart. When a succulent isn't in perfect health, the leaves (if that's what they're called) can easily be popped off of the main stalk. In my dream, that happened to Leo's arm. No blood or anything, and he seemed fine, but his arm fell off! I was PANICKED. Any insights into what that kind of dream might mean? (I'm kind of joking, but would love to hear any interpretations. :LOL:)

Also, this morning I held a cricket out for Leo and I purposefully held it out of his reach. He couldn't get to it, so I placed my other hand between him and the cricket and he didn't even hesitate to grab my hand! The last time I tried that, he hissed at my hand. Today he grabbed my hand for leverage twice when I was hand feeding him and then again when he was eating out of his bowl. He was hanging from a branch trying to get the right angle on a cricket in the bowl but he was struggling so I slowly put my hand underneath him and he looked at it like, "What the hell is that?" But then he grabbed on and held on while he hunted and munched on the cricket! :love: My little guy has a DEATH GRIP now! He's so strong it's insane! I wouldn't have expected such strength from such a small creature. o_O It was a great moment! Hopefully there is more hand holding in my future! :LOL:
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