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my male veiled has been taking trips to the bottom of the cage, walking around, going dark. it seems as though he only does this after i feed him a silky or water seems that way but it may only be me not around all day to watch him so im not 100% sure...
what would cause this behavior and what can i do to prevent this?
How are your temps? Could be that he is just growing up, getting some testosterone surges, looking for girls!-or just exploring!
okay, my temps are around 90-94 at the closest, but he rarely ever sits there. its just weird to see him down there almost everyday. gets me worried. hes a healthy little bugger tho, eats a lot!, drinks a lot and hes not afraid to show it either. hes also hissed at me a few times...when i accidentally got to close to him while cleaning the i know hes doing good. im just wondering if there is something missing...or something that shouldn't be.
As long as he isn't staying down there for long periods or all day, and your temps and UVB are good, he is probably exploring. My male Veiled at 6 months goes to the bottom several times most days to "check things out".
okay, that makes me feel better! thanks a lot!
p.s. hes getting A LOT of color, i saw him the other day when his was sleeping and i had to do a double take to make his i wasn't seeing things!
i will be posting new pictures of him soon!
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