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Look at other types of dracaena. I have a couple of dracaena marginatas that were only about 1 1/2 - 2’ tall when I put them in my enclosures about a year ago. 6 months or so ago I had to lop the top off one as it was about to burst thru the top of my enclosure. The other one is needing a trim now too. While not branchy and good for climbing, it does offer lots of leaves, some color and fills the space nicely.
Have you asked at any of the nursery’s or home improvement stores if they can order any trees for you?
+1 (y) When I got my first mass cane, there were something like 6 different little (1') dracaenas in the same pot. It was a clearance leftover from the previous season, so marked down considerably.
Missus separated the plants, and now all those dracaenas are well over 4' tall. The way she has them lined up, they remind me of the cornfield on "Hee Haw."

Where, oh where, are you tonight?​
Why did you leave me here all alone?​
I searched the world over and I thought I'd found true love.​
But you met another and pthhp! You was gone.​


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Thanks for the info. I may have to break down and just get the dracaena. I’ve seen a lot of those the size I need. Will go look again today. I have to go get a bucket or something for my mist king anyway. Wish me luck!


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If you know anyone in the greater Houston area, we've got 3-4' tall umbrella trees (including the pot) here at The Houston Garden Center locations!
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