We have pygmy eggs!!


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Well one of my females layed eggs yesterday. I haven't dug them up yet because she still looked a little plump last night...could be my imagination. I don't know if they lay all at once or in stages. Where do you all get vermiculite or incubation medium?


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You can order hatching medium from LLL or Josh's Frog's. I would love to see tiny pgymy's hatch. That will be fun, don't forget the pictures. Congrats


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My wife tried to take pictures while she was in the hole but they came out very blurry so I didn't bother putting them on here. I will take some pics of the eggs once I dig them out of their hole.


You can also get it from grow stores. Here in colorado where a certain "plant" is legal, its used as a potting mix so almost every store has it. The store ive seen it at is "Let it Grow"
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