WC Female gravid Deremensis - any ideas from keepers?


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I breed veileds, but my local reptile store got in a female deremensis cham lumpy with eggs and asked me to let her lay them at my house with a laying bin, etc., return her to them and keep the eggs until they hatch out. Anyone have any experience hatching out these ladies and can give me some clues? I know they are different from veileds. I am keeping her cooler and in more humid conditions, and will keep the eggs cooler, but other then that can you give me any other help?
Jan,they are tough. Give her several laying options,not just one.
Give her lots of privacy,If they catch you snooping,they may not lay them.
If she is ready to go,just keep her hydrated and don't worry about food.
I just covered her cage while she is sleeping. Do I need to put 2 laying bins in her cage? I think there is room. She hasn't been in the one but she was looking at it today. Poor thing has been stressed with being in shipping bags and in the reptile shop and all the goings on. I am trying to keep things quiet for her.

How long do the eggs incubate?
They can be fussy about where they lay the eggs. I found that mine would turn down the big container in favor of the small one. They definitely need their privacy. The female would circle and circle in the large container but in the small one went right to work digging.
Naomi good luck. I hear they can be difficult. Try offering different mediums, different size laying bins, etc. I had a gravid female a few years ago.
Did you get her from Ben? Because he had a nice selection of deremensis there yesterday!

I was tempted but decided on a pair of verrucosus instead.
Yep, Bens the best. I have two laying bins in her cage, a big circular one and a rectangular one. The cage is thick with vines and leaves and there is plastic on 2/3rds of the top of 3 of the sides to help with the humidity. I have a small fan going along one side, not blowing into the cage but along the side to help keep it cool (I live in florida) and spritz from the top at least 4 times a day. She doesn't move much, but sits in one place on one branch, but is still eating crickets. At least I put them in and don't see them later. She is a drinker because I see her drink drops of water in the water and as long as I am dripping she is drinking.

Deremensis is much different from Veileds. Any info on the eggs? How long do they take to hatch? How cool should they be? Should they be kept in medium similar (damp/dry) as the veileds?

Thanks for the info so far.
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