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I got some waxworms at the pet store today. About 100 of them. I took only 10 out and put them in a small container with crushed up honey bunches of oats, a few random drops of honey, and some wax paper all balled up. I am keeping the temperature around 85F. I am trying to turn them into moths so they can breed. In the container there is also 3 waxworms that have cocoons, but I still see them moving inside of them (is that right). Tomorrow I am going to get some glycerin and place a few drops in the bedding as well. Is there anything that I should be doing different for them. The rest of the waxworms are in the refrierator in the cup they came in. How long will they survive? When they become moths do I need to do anything else special? Please let me know.
The heat source is coming from a 60 watt light bulb. It is bright in there, is that alright or do they need to be in complete darkness? Also for nighttime is it alright if I turn the light off and let the temperature drop down to 68F? (It is to bright for me to fall asleep with it on)
I've just harvested my own 1st colony of waxworms. Did fine. If you just want to turn them into moths just givem the bit of food you mentioned and stick them somewhere warm/dark and just check on them from time to time.
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