Waterproofing cages


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I just built a new cage for my sambava and am now about to waterproof the wood. I used the search engine and found some threads about this, but there are so many different opinions. So i was wondering, could i just use an exterior paint? It seems to work on houses and such. Or would i need something to seal the would better? Thanks in advance.
Use polyurethane, It seals the wood nicely and they have water based brands. I have used the oil based products and havnt had any issues with it just be sure it has a day or 2 to dry (fumes) before your cham goes in there.
Varathane puts out a nice waterbased polyurathane that works well.
It drys fast to put on multiple coats but I would let it cure for at least a week before putting and animal around it.

Ive used it on snake cages but I let it cure longer because its such an enclosed enviroment as compared to a screen cage.

Edit: Sorry I didnt see that you wanted an exterior paint.Ive not used paint only stain and the varathane.But I think the biggest issue is if its waterbased versus oilbased.Most waterbased paints are okay.You can always look for paint specific for childrens furniture.
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