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I have a mister and a fogger for my cage. I live in upstate NY so the weather is usually cold and dry I figure I have to mist often to keep the humidity up, but I would have the mister go off every 1-2 hours for 45 seconds and the fogger would go off about 3 times a day for a half hour. (This is what a pet store worker suggested). So obviously with this the bottom of my cage began to get water logged and the fogger left my floor continuously wet which I then feared mold so I moved everything out and shampooed and dried the rug. Any suggestions on what my mister and fogger should be set at so that my cage is not waterlogged and the floor is not soaked but yet still gives my veiled Cham the proper conditions needed?
Thank you!:)


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This is how I did mine. 20180908_155155.jpg20180331_205504.jpg


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The tray can be bought at any big home improvement store, it is a washing machine tray. The funnel with plastic hose can be found at any auto parts store. A series of 1/2 inch holes are drilled through the center of the tray within the diameter of the funnel and covered with screen. The screen and funnel are held in place with silicone.


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I was having the same issues and bought the washing machine tray but couldn't get it to work well. After much thought, MUCH cursing, and some research, I found a rabbit dropping tray at Tractor Supply for about $15. I drilled a hole and used some tubing left over from something. I used flex seal to seal the tube into the hole and ran it under the bottom of the cage since I don't want to drill a hole in the table. The tube is running to a trash can. I literally just finished putting everything together. Fingers crossed it works!

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Look by the hot water heater section... it's called an AC drip pan. They're usually sloped/slanted and come with a drain hole. No drilling or anything required. Buy a length of hose to fit whatever size drain pan you use... feed the line [sloped down - gravity] to a bucket/bin.

Easiest, cheapest, least work required. I used lots of these before I built my hutch.

Best wishes!
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