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I know waterfalls are just a haven for bacteria but mine drinks out of it constantly, does anyone elses do this? it's funny i will take the waterfall out to clean it and as soon as i put it back in bobbers comes running down to it and gobbles up the water:D its an exo terra model, by the way exo terra foggers are awful, they don't work.

as long as you keep it clean it's cool if this waterfall benefits his drinking, But make sure you have water clean at all times
I have to agree with Westcoastchameleons.
You really need to clean that well to even get close to possibly having acceptable water for your cham to drink.
The pump (taken apart each time) the insides of any hoses and the interior of the structure itself...it's virtually impossible.
A drip system is so easy to keep sterile.
Remember in their natural habitat chameleons don't drink from ponds or even streams. They drink VERY clean dew and freshly fallen rain with very little, if any bacterial load.
Remember too that you are projecting the "joy" your cham gets from the waterfall. He will be just as happy with water dripping from above.

i have a exoterra fogger in my tokay gecko tank, it works great. you dont want to leave it on for long period of time because it burns out the disc.
Fountain drinking

If Bobbers really likes to drink out of a bowl, I think this is okay. I usually encourage any way of getting an animal to drink more.

This should not take the place of appropriate misting or humidity as his/her skin and eyes require more than just oral hydration. You should also be aware that many chams like to poop in their standing water. If the water is not changed soon after this event, bacteria will quickly grow in the warm, humid environment you have. Drinking soiled water is setting yourself up for problems.

That being said, if you are cleaning daily, this does not have to be a problem. (Most people (including myself) do not have time to be washing out a fountain every day, so most keepers won't bother.) I probably would recommend giving Bobbers a water bowl for 10-15 minutes for him to come down and drink, and then remove the water bowl or fountain so he can't defecate in it.

If you chose to continue using your fountain, I suggest running it (outside of the cham cage) with a 10% bleach solution for about 10-15 minutes and scrubbing the surfaces well. After this you will run the pump and rinse with regular water again and again until you cannot smell any bleach. If you smell anything you need to rinse again. (Like I said, a real pain.)

I'm not into anthropomorphising, but I do believe that animals do have preferences and if Bobbers has come to like to drink when you offer him standing water, so be it. He doesn't have to live in the wild, so his modified behaviour should not be detrimental.

Personally, I have a panther cham. He doesn't like to drink out of a bowl. My crested geckos do and I have an exoterra fountain that I don't use anymore because of the mess they were constantly making in it. Much easier to use a bowl.

Summary- If you can't keep it clean, don't do it.

Alot of veiled owners have had success with getting them to drink out of water dishes. Utilizing an air stone to make bubbles this attracts some chameleons to drink from the dish. Since you already have a chameleon that is drinking from a container like that perhaps give this a shoot. It seems like it would be easier to remove the water dish, clean, refill and reinstall everyday then the waterfall. Really if you keep the waterfall clean it is not going to be a problem, although, that seems hard to do.
ya it's a pain

well i notice that he licks the vines after misting, but it doesn't seem like enough water. Does everyone mist to the extent of your cham and everything in the cage being soaked? How long do u all mist for? I wish i could obtain a automatic mister but nobody carries them. any ideas?
Everyone has a different misting schedule.
At least twice a day for several minutes and make sure he gets misted well. Let the cham and the cage dry out completely between mistings.
A drip system will ensure that he gets enough to drink. The misting is for health and humidity as well as drinking water.

I use this. www.chameleonforums.com/misting-system-diy-1995/

I fill it twice a day and let it run out. I tried out an automated valve for it but the peice of crap broke inside of 2 weeks and cost $60. So I said screw it. I only have two chameleons and some eggs in incubation really saw no reason to keep buying stuff like that. I like the water to be scolding hot in the resivour and I do not like the thought of them drinking standing water that is a day old.
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