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Crikey, just how hard is your water that your cham has limescale? ;-)

Bottled water is a bit open ended as many bottled waters are 'mineral waters' containing all sorts. Good for us (in moderation) but not necessarily for chams.

RO would be a better bet, either bought, from local aquarium suppliers or anywhere else you know. You can buy your own 3 or 4 stage RO filters which are easy enough to set up. For misters, foggers etc., RO is usually the prefered choice for most folk.


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RO or distilled is better than tap or bottled. Just got myself a new RODI unit for my reptiles and fish. Incredibly simple to setup. I use a faucet adapter so when I need to make water I'll plug the input hose into the faucet, waste water hose to the sink, and filtered water into my water jug. Takes a little bit to fill but its worth it in the long run.


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Where can I buy an ROD unit? Should I get one? How benficial is it? And how do I use it?
Amazon is you best bet. I got a 50 gpd 4 stage for £50. Came with all fittings. All you need is water in and waste out (so under a sink or in the laundry room). To use, turn tap on and off again when done, it's that simple.
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