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How am I to be sure that my female veiled is getting enough water? I've never seen her drink anything... Do that absorb water through their skin or even their food?
If her urates are white, then shes drinking just fine.

Many owners don't see their chams drink.
Ok then she is fine does it have to be white immediately after coming out or after it dries because sometimes it's clear then turns white...
lots of misting sessions.

lots of water, and lots of misting,

she should be misted at least 3-6 times a day anyway.
When you mist you want to make sure her plants are nice and wet, perhaps mist for at least a couple minutes each time. Adding a dripper might be a good idea too, so she has water while you're not in the same room.

And finally, make sure that her food is well hydrated. So feed your crickets fresh frits and veggies, because they'll definitely gain moisture from their food too. And food like silk or hornworms are loaded with water, so those are great worm to throw into their diet.
Ok thanks I do have a dropper and as far as silk/horn worms go my local pet stores don't sell those... Where do I get them?
Those you'd have to order online. Lots of the forum sponsors sell them and shipthem to your door, you just have to check their sites.
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