Water Management?


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So at the behest of others I increased the humidity levels in my veiled's cage this week by adding a 1 gallon dripper and installing a fine misting nozzle, connected to a 1/16th hp pump with a 3 gallon reservoir. I am proud to say it now "rains" in Merlins cage 2-4 times a day depending on the day. However, I now have a different problem, one of drainage. Due to the increased volume of water throughout the cage I now consistently have a flooded bottom. My cage floor is by no means water tight (I use the largest ESU wire care ~70 gallons). I was thinking about cutting a hole in the floor and installing a drain with plug and then just letting the excess run off into a bucket when needed. Any good suggestions?
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you can also either purchase a washer/dryer pan or have a sheetmetal shop make pans for your cage. (i had a shop make pans for all my cages) and the cut for a drain or you also can purchase a small shower stall pan which will have a drain receptacle ready for hook up or to drain to a bucket. just sit you cage in the pan.
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