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I’ve been misting Coda around 2-3 times a day with distilled water and she absolutely hates it, I don’t spray it directly on her, but spray it high above the enclosure and let the fine mist settle on her. Even if I spray the complete other side of the viv she goes into her favorite hiding spot. The water is room temperature and I need to clean her eyes so she stays healthy. I think that me misting her is getting in the way, or making her acceptance of me, worse :confused:. Now every time she sees me she goes to her hiding spot and thinks that I have the mister, her being receptive and needing to lay eggs is worrying me with the extra stress when I need to feed her. Sorry if this was kind of scattered but she’ll have an automatic mister in her upcoming bio build and I don’t want her to be stressed all the time. Please help!


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Is there something wrong with Coda that makes it so you feel you need to clean her eyes? Otherwise, I would think it's just a matter of maintaining adequate hydration, right?

Some chams seem to hate being misted, some don't. I have a mixed bag that seem to run the full spectrum.

If spraying Coda is causing either or both of you stress, why not set up an aggressive dripper with a catch basin below? There are several easy and inexpensive ways to make drippers, and catch basins I have used range from Tupperware style bowls to aluminum foil baking pans from the dollar store. The chams have never seemed to care what I use, or even noticed as they stay up in the vines and plants.
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